Calhouns everywhere. Sports, life, or whatever is bothering one of us at the moment.

In this weeks episode, Calhoun defends Colin Kaepernick's right to protest and goes after the social justice warriors who "feel the need to react to everything."

Also, he recaps his surgery, talks about Tony Romo/Dak Prescottt, college footballs opening weekend and reveals some plans for coming shows!

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In this weeks podcast, Calhoun talks Olympics, NFL news, UFC 202 & how he is trying (again) to get into soccer.

Plus! Our all new mailbag segment, a question posed to you, and Calhoun tells the story of "The Cake Incident"


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Tons of stuff this week: Calhoun talks A-Rod "retiring", the first few Olympic days, an angry Russian hockey player and answers your questions! 


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Our old friend Dan Condie (@4thand1sports) is back! First, Calhoun breaks down the MLB trade deadline, then the boys dive into the Olympics (best & worst sports, ideal outcomes), then a full force college football preview.






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