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Kevin rambles about the trade deadline, Michael Jordan, & Chris Sale ripping up jerseys (which rocks).






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Calhoun is very excited that there is news in the football world. Brady's suspension, Miller & Mo Wilk sign, and Stephanie calls in to recap the family trip to Yankee Stadium!


Bonus: Stephanie uses Lebron James as an analogy to explain the T-Swift vs Kim K drama. Oh yes.



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Calhoun has no idea what is happening with the Pokemon app. He also discusses UFC 200, the stupidity of the All Star Game, & where Serena Williams ranks among dominant athletes.



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Kevin Durant is going to Golden State. The boys discuss what this means for his legacy and for the rest of the NBA. They also discuss the other big name moves in the NBA, and determine how fans should react when their team signs "bad character" guys (i.e. Jose Reyes)

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