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The boys are back as they talk all kinds of basketball! Brett Zanardi re-joins Calhoun to talk about the NBA Draft, where KD (and other free agents should go), the fallout of the NBA Finals and other fun nonsene!

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Lebron James. That's what this episode is about. Well, him, The Finals, #TeaLizard, loving sports too much the future of the show. Quiet week!

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The Penguins have captured their 4th Stanley Cup, the Cavs are heading to Cleveland after forcing Game 6, and Calhoun has lots of thoughts about all of it!

Plus, Calhoun steps outside of sports for a few minutes to talk about how we treat each other and how we discuss gun control in the US.


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Calhoun is back in the studio! He thinks the Cavs are done. Do you? Plus, the Penguins are one win away from the Stanley Cup and Brock Lesnar is back in the UFC. All this and a lot more!


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The NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final are underway. Who ya got? Calhoun breaks down the starts to each series, and also shares his thoughts on the passing of the greatest fighter of all time, Muhammad Ali.

Plus, Kevins mom had some trouble in a parking lot, and we captured some of it for the show. Enjoy!





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