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The end.

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KC & DC 2.0 kick off the show discussing Cam Newton's deal in NE, Mahomes' monster extension & the options for a new team name in Washington. Then the boys are joined by their eldest, shortest sibling to draft characters from The Office and Parks & Rec

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The boys sit down to recap their golf rounds in Myrtle Beach plus "The Match" between Tiger/Peyton & Phil/Tom, then go division by division breaking down skill position groups in an effort to find the best and worst of the NFL.

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The Brothers' Calhoun sit down to go around the league discussing which teams improved the most, then decide which starting QBs won't be in that position one year from today

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The boys sit down to break down the Ravens & Giants draft classes plus talk about the other big stories from NFL Draft Weekend.

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The boys talk Wrestlemania then go team by team analyzing where teams stand at QB both in the near future and for years down the road

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KC & DC 2.0 hit the studio to go around the NFL recapping and giving their brilliant thoughts on the moves through free agency thus far. They then wash their hands and go back into hiding.

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OK, it's a Super Bowl preview.

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The boys are back to discuss the demise of the Ravens, the Aaron Hernandez doc, NFL Championship weekend & KC coming to grips with the clapping OC

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KC & DC 2.0 talk for seventeen hours about Joe Judge becoming the Giants head coach, then offer one brief sentence each about the playoff games. That's kind of what happens.

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Playoff time! The brothers' Calhoun talk late night TV, the Giants head coach search (and other coach searches), and finally the playoff matchups! Then they tie it all together, like true professionals.

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