Calhouns everywhere. Sports, life, or whatever is bothering one of us at the moment.

The boys are back to recap their trip to Metlife Stadium with Gary, pick the Week 14 games and declare their love for Ryan Tannehill. 

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The boys are back to recap Thanksgiving, preview their trip to Metlife Stadium for GB/NYG, and break down all of the Week 13 action. Oh, and Lamar Jackson is decent. 

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The guys sit down to discuss the Kaep workout, year-end awards and the Week 12 games

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The boys are back with life updates and scalding football takes.

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Stephanie is here. We pick random 90s things to review.

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The Calhoun boys break down NFL Week 3, make picks and definitely don't blow their loads over Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones.

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On this weeks show, the guys give their "Giant" takeaways from Week 1 & go through the Week 2 slate making picks and unfairly disrespecting Kirk Cousins & Terrell Suggs.

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The Calhoun Show is gone. RIP. All Hail The Calhouns Show!

KC from KC/DC: East Vs. West welcomes new podcast partner DC 2.0 AKA Dan Calhoun AKA the younger/taller/better looking of the Calhoun boys to the newly re-branded show featuring these two dorks and their Maryland-based elder sibling.

On this weeks show, the guys go team by team through the NFL getting ready for the season, saving their beloved Ravens & Giants for last.

Follow the show on twitter @CalhounShow! We will have scheduling updates coming soon!

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