Calhouns everywhere. Sports, life, or whatever is bothering one of us at the moment.

In this loaded episode of the podcast, Calhoun catches up with his sister in Maryland, talks about the "double standard" for Rob Gronkowski (12:00), and looks back on some Daytona memories from childhood (20:00).

He also weighs(!) in on the Pablo Sandoval situation (24:45), laughs that the Cubs have the best World Series odds (28:00), and is joined by Grant Salzano to talk about his experience at last weekends Daytona 500 (30:40).

Calhoun also touches on the other big stories of the week (46:00) including the Toronto/San Jose trade, Yankees vs StubHub, Gretzky vs Lemieux & more.

As always, we wrap up with listener mail! (55:30)



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