Host Kevin Calhoun talks sports, comedy, pop culture, and more.

The dog days of summer are driving Kevin insane. We need sports back. Reactions to The Open, sharks vs surfers, Horrible Bosses 2 & vegans.




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Lots of talk about Dez's new deal and what the Cowboy are looking like for this year. Also talk about the Broncos bringing back DT and what Kevin expects from the Brady ruling.

Full UFC 189 breakdown (best card ever?)

Ryan Kesler and Johnny Oduya signed contracts today, as did Beau Bennet. Kecvin breaks them down and what they mean, plus reviews the new rules of the HR Derby and Major League Baseball wins the terrible team award.

Lastly, what movie are you most looking forward to in the next year? Kevins tells you his and struggles to remember names.


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Tons of stuff in this weeks show.


Kevin breaks down the Womens World Cup's effect on soccer in America, NFL players are still getting in trouble plus Rory is OUT for the British Open.


Andy (@AndrewSchacht) is back again for a long talk about the moves and shake-ups in the NHL over the last week, including the Kessel trade, Oshie trade, changes in Edmonton and more.


Lastly, Kevin talks briefly about the attempted cencorship of stand up comedians. Rnadom, but important.


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Different kind of show this weekend. I'm joined by Senior Airman Patrick Dixon of the United States Air Force (and one of my best friends of 7 years) and his now fiance, Heidi Jean Finney. Happy 4th!


We share a lot of funny and embaressing stories, tell the lovely tell of how they got engaged last weekend and what (or who) nearly messed the whole surprise up.


We also had a pretty spirited debate on more serious topics such as feminism how it equates to equality, the Confederate flag, gay marriage and more.


This is probably my favorite episode thus far. Hope you guys enjoy!


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Kevin talks NHL expansion, over-reactionary fans and touches on the biggest news of the week.

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Big episode! The NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final are in the books, we break down what we saw and why Lebron was undoubtedly the MVP.

Plus! Kevins reactions to the season finale of Game of Thrones and Jurrassic World, plus Andrew Schacht (@AndrewSchacht on twitter) re-joins the show to discuss where coach Q ranks amongst coaches and how many milk cartons it takes to get a ride in a helicoptor.

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Back from vacation! Recap of that, plus NBA/Stanley Cup reaction and the other news of the day.

Plus, Kevin went to see San Andreas and Entourage plus the anticipation for Jurrasic World is building.



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Quick goodbye before vacation, with some hockey and hoop playoff talk.




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Lights out! A power outage interrupts the podcast, but fear not, we survived. 

NHL playoff reaction (including the Rossi vs GMJR saga), NFl news and notes, and Superman would always beat Batman.







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